The highly popular Steavensons Falls walk near the township of Marysville in Victoria was severely damaged by the 2009 Black Saturday bush fire.

In the wake of the bush fire the Department of Environment and Primary Industry identified the walking track reconstruction as a “flagship” project to encourage tourism back to Marysville. TTMS role was to plan and construct two new tracks. Firstly, to realign and upgrade the trail from the base of the falls to the lookout at the top of falls. Secondly, to connect the top of the falls to another track which would lead directly back to Marysville. The project required us to plan and construct new alignments through extremely dense post-fire vegetation regrowth and on cross slopes exceeding 25⁰ with bedrock just below the surface. To position the track across sloping bedrock we constructed extensive drystone retaining walls to create a level walking surface above. As the track was built to AS2156 Track Class Three, step construction was minimised and the gradient kept at around 6⁰. A total of 2.5 kilometres of new walking track was constructed.

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