On the southern edge of Sydney, Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest national park, its popularity ever increasing and the classic example of a national park being “loved to death” with walking tracks deteriorating rapidly under the weight of many feet and uncontrolled erosion.

TTMS have installed over ten kilometres of sinuously curving and gently ramping Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) walkways with accompanying overtaking bays and viewing areas.  These walkways have been determined through observation to be one of the few structures that work in the long term to prevent on-going erosion and track widening in these highly erodible sandy soils with heavy walker use.   Prior to TTMS starting at Royal NP a typical walkway would be dead straight with an abrupt change of direction, now the walkways curve through the vegetation to avoid looking down long corridors and steps have been almost entirely eliminated by ramping and curving the walkways up hillsides. 

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