Since 2004 Track & Trail crews have been working in a variety of locations across the Alpine National Park of Victoria. 

The Alpine National Park follows the remote highest peaks of the Great Dividing Range, and our crews have undertaken numerous remote camping jobs in areas including Mt Howit, Mt Magdala, Mt Speculation, the Howqua river valley, Mt Bogong, Mt Feathertop and across the Bogong High Plains. Much of the work has been along remote sections of the Australian Alps Walking Track. Work has generally prioritised erosion control rather than making the track easier to walk therefore emphasis has been on the installation of drainage structures such as water bars, cross drains and grade reversals. Timber and rock steps have also been installed to stabilise steeper eroded tracks. With the possibility of snow falls even in summer our crews have had to be competent and skilled in remote area bushwalking and camping in order to work in the Alpine National Park.

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