Our Mission

Track & Trail Management Services are a team of specialist walking track planners and builders. Track & Trail employs the most experienced walking track builders in Australia. We’re the experts in planning and constructing new or upgraded walking tracks with an emphasis on aesthetics, long-term stability, low maintenance and cost-effective project management.

The Track & Trail mission has been to build walking tracks and trails that are not only sustainable, but also flow through the landscape and enhance the walking experience. This is achieved by using locally sourced rock and constructing boardwalks and bridges with natural curves.

For over twenty years it has been our privilege and satisfaction to lead and continually improve the standard of walking track construction in Australia.

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On the southern edge of Sydney, Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest national park. It’s popularity ever increasing and the classic example of a national park being “loved to death” with walking tracks deteriorating rapidly under the weight of many feet and uncontrolled erosion.

TTMS have installed high standard stone track structures along the Royal Coast Track a 25 kilometre trail along the coast between Bundeena and Otford.  This has required the helicopter transport of many hundreds of tonnes of sandstone rock and the installation of over 1,000 new steps with accompanying drains, retaining walls, paving and stepping stones.  At Wattamola the iconic beach destination TTMS upgraded the beach access track with expert stone masonry skills to merge heritage style stone structures with modern design standards.

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Overgrown and hidden for many years, TTMS reopened and rebuilt the access track built by WW2 soldiers manning the concrete gun emplacements at West Head, north of Sydney.

This steep track located near the popular West Head Lookout was rebuilt using rustic, split sandstone steps. The track needed to be both sympathetic to the original “she’ll be right mate” approach used by wartime soldiers to provide access while waiting to defend Sydney against any Japanese attack and also meet modern design standards.  The result is very different to the formal appearance of stone steps TTMS created just south across the water at Barrenjoey Headland.  The two tracks demonstrating that the style of track can vary depending on its location and intended usage.

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